Madison Area Entrepreneur Proposes Citywide Anti-Hate Registry

Masood Akhtar: America Is Great ‘We Just Have To Make It Better By Uniting It’

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“What we noticed is that the anti-minority rhetoric transformed from (an) environment of fear to an environment of hate,” said Masood Akhtar, a Middleton entrepreneur and advisor to Madison’s Muslim community. “Not just the hate against Muslims, but Jews, other minorities, immigrant people. All these people are concerned about what’s going to happen.”

To help push back against that fear and hate, Akhtar has a proposal to create an anti-hate group, or what he calls a registry, for Madison. He’s calling on people of all different faiths (or lack of faith), races, and political affiliations to sign up on the registry as a way to stand up against hate speech and hate crimes.

Watch an interview with Massod Akhtar (recorded Nov 11, WKOW TV, Madison)


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