“For these are all our children…we will all profit by, or pay for, what they become.”
                                                -James Baldwin

Public education is under serious threat from efforts to gain corporate control over funding, curriculum, content delivery and distribution. 

Privatization • Money in politics • Tax policy • Income inequality • Workers rights • Racism • Militarism • Concentration of power

Institute for Wisconsin’s Future ( is a 501c(3) non-profit, non-partisan statewide public policy research and community outreach organization dedicated to state policies that benefit all of Wisconsin’s citizens. Projects include the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools (WAES), Opportunity to Learn, and A Penny for Kids. These projects address fairness in school funding, quality and rigor in education, and  the need to close the opportunity gap.

“We’re now in a world in which decisions about public education involve not just parents and children and teachers, but also big profits or losses for the private sector. Change the tests, or the textbooks, or the charters, or even the rules for teacher certification, and you change somebody’s bottom line.” – Gail Collins, April 27, 2012, New York Times OP-ED  Full Article

“Democracy in the United States is now under a similar assault from an education-foundation-political-industrial complex. This complex takes many forms, but its primary goal is to shape state and federal educational policy in a way that maximizes private corporate profits.” – Alan Singer, historian and Professor of Secondary Education at Hofstra University, referring to the “military-industrial complex” that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in 1961.  Full Article