We join with others in Wisconsin working on these issues:

Several state and tribal organizations are working to ensure the health, safety and economic stability of the people in areas of Wisconsin where mining is proposed or implemented.

Learn how you can help address the threat of corporate control over funding, curriculum, content delivery and distribution of education resources.

Honoring the Social Covenant
Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice unites progressive people of faith toward creating a state whose people and government address the real needs and raise the dignity of the hungry and poor; care for and heal the sick; and truly listen to the voices of all citizens.

Several Friends Meetings in Wisconsin have joined local chapters of WISDOM, a statewide group connecting communities of faith working toward making our prison system more just and affordable.

Campaign Nonviolence is a new, long-term movement to mainstream active nonviolence. Local groups are now working toward a week of nationwide nonviolent actions September 21-27, 2014.