About Us

The Wisconsin Friends Action Network (WisFAN) is a statewide nonpartisan network of Quakers of all ages, coming together to make change by focusing on core values that are crucial to a strong Wisconsin.


  • To expose the myths that divide our state and challenge them with truth, based on our traditional Quaker values and heritage.
  • To provide timely, free access to accurate information so that informed people can seek changes critical to improving the quality of life in Wisconsin.
  • To connect people for united, creative actions to create public awareness and ultimately make our government and our communities more responsive, open, and accountable.

Our Vision

  • A Wisconsin where all people are able to live their lives fully and productively, free from fear, violence, poverty and threats to our health and environment.
  • A state government that works to facilitate solutions to problems that can’t be addressed adequately by individuals or private enterprise; solutions based on solid evidence of what works.
  • A state government that protects the rights of people who are unable to do so on their own.
  • A state government that offers an equal voice to every person.
  • A Wisconsin where people who disagree with each other can respectfully explore sources of their differences and look for solutions that meet the most essential needs of all parties.


  • We believe in the worth and dignity of every human being, that the Spirit/God/Light dwells in each person, and that everyone has a right to a life of dignity with access to the basic necessities for human growth and development, including adequate food, housing, health care, and an environment free from violence and poverty.
  • We believe in taking responsibility for ourselves and each other and working together toward the common good, toward a Wisconsin that ensures the economic, environmental, and social well-being of its people and the state.
  • We believe that government must be responsive to the needs of its citizens in safeguarding their well-being, and must be accountable, ethical and transparent in all its actions.
  • We believe in fair distribution of resources and fair, progressive taxes for people and corporations.
  • We believe in curbing the undue influence of money and corporate power in our political system.
  • We believe in promoting human security and the common good through a living wage, job creation (especially “green” jobs), access to retraining and good public education, and improved affordable health care for all without discrimination.
  • We believe we are the stewards of Wisconsin’s environment, including its air, water, and land, on which all life depends.

Guiding Principles

  • We will act with respect for all people.
  • We are non-partisan. While we may champion certain decisions made by elected officials that promote our values, we will not support any particular political party or candidate for office.
  • We understand that people’s varying backgrounds and past experiences have contributed to their current understanding of the world. We will strive to find common ground and deeper understanding among those who may appear to disagree with us.
  • While we may challenge authority, we will never resort to violence.
  • Action opportunities that we share will adhere to Quaker principles of nonviolence, inclusion, egalitarianism and love.
  • While we are not directly affiliated with any one Friends Meeting or worship group, we will keep in mind that our actions reflect on Quakers everywhere.